Monday, May 7, 2012

The Second Time Around

Saturday I took Wiseguy out all by myself  with the cart.  It was the second time taking him out since I got him.  We did a good job.  He still isn't thrilled about taking the bit but I did get it into his mouth by taking my time and gently insisting this was going to happen.  I had to put the cart on him with out any help but he stood nicely and was very patient.  We walked east on tenth.  We got to Catfish [about half a mile].  Then I got him to trot.  He wanted to canter but I reined him back down to a trot 2 or 3 times and then he trotted nicely.

We were on pavement so once we reached Antelope [about a quarter of a mile] we turned onto the gravel road.  It's actually road base.  We got to Bass after about half a mile.  We stopped at the stop sign.  I was thinking about taking him home but he seemed like he had a lot of go left in him so, after the car went by, I kept going up Antelope.

We did a few figure eights on the dry lake bed.  Then we trotted up to Angel.  There is another half mile, this time on dirt.  Then, we trotted up Angel to Tenth [a quarter of a mile] and made a right turn towards home.  I walked him the last half mile to make sure he was nicely cooled down.

I thought we did great!  We did about two and a half miles total.

He spit the bit out as fast as he could.  I brushed him a bit.  I walked him out to the mailbox and to close the gate since he was still a little sweaty under the harness and I thought it would be good to make sure he was really dry before I put him up.  He really wanted to go back into his pen!  He got his treat [senior feed and psyllium pellets].

He doesn't know it yet but we are going out again tomorrow.  Shh!  Don't tell him.

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