Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Littlest Hitching Rail

Today has been a fantastic day for birds.

Mockingbird singing on the front fence.

A magpie swooped off the roof and landed in the Feather Reed Grass next to the back patio.  He snatched something and then threw it onto the concrete.  I finally figured out what it was.  One of the super ugly potato bugs.  The magpie was taking the legs off so he could eat it.  Good Magpie.

Meadowlark singing on top of one of the little apple trees.  He moved to the back and serenaded us from one of the goat pen corner posts a little later in the day.

Morning doves and quail coming through the backyard.  One of the quail is announcing that Hubby has come out.  Run my darling wife, run!

I guess we are mostly getting the M birds today:)

Now for the littlest hitching rail.

Isn't that adorable?  This hitching rail is conveniently located near his pen.  The shrub poplar in the background is about five years old and looking pretty good sized.  Yeah!!!

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