Monday, May 7, 2012

Grass is Weeds

Weeds are my life and right now the weeds are grasses!  I am pulling a lot of grasses that are trying to take over my flower beds.  The Feather Reed Grass is awesome when it is where it belongs but not so nice when it takes over an area.  The Alberta grass is really tall and I love it but it wants to take over as well.

Then there is the poke-your-eye-out grass.  I actually don't know what it is really called but it gets these long stiff stems that want to poke you in the eyes.  I'm trying to get most of that gone.

Finally there is the needle-and-thread grass which was a mini disaster.  It looked really pretty in the wind - and we have plenty of wind here - but it turned into a nightmare.  The seeds would stick in our clothing and the dog's fur.  If I wore a skirt to accomplish yard work, I would look like a weird porcupine.  I worked my buns off to get it out of the yard last year.  I did pretty good although I have had to get some more out this spring.

An hour in the morning and an hour or so in the evening is a good goal to keep the weeds under control.

Didn't do much with the miniature horse today.  When I clean a house, I just don't have much energy left for the extras.  Naturally everybody gets fed morning and evening.  I changed out the water for the goats and the horse, as well.

I love spring.  The irises are coming on and the place is greening up.  I definitely have to pull it together and get some photos up.

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