Monday, May 14, 2012

Busy Day, Spring Chores

It is laundry day but I can't complain much about hanging out the clothes when my view is this!

I got the tubing laid out for the melon half of the veggie garden.  I am running the water a bunch to get the soil to moisten since it is bone dry out there this year.  The veggie irrigation will be on  automatic timers once I finish setting it all up.  I am putting in some beans and other seeds this week.  Hubby is in charge of the melons and corn.  I have had a huge problem this year.  The birds are eating my little baby green sprouts so no beets, peas are a bit sparse and no lettuce.  I'll have to see what I can do about that.

I filled up the wall-o'-water today.  This afternoon I will transplant my baby tomato plants.

I emptied out the pond and scrubbed it a bit.  I got most of the sand and goo out of the bottom.
I had to take most of the rocks out, string the electrical extension cord and make sure the pump still runs.  Then it was time to fill 'er up.

I got the rocks stacked up nicely after several tries.  And, yes, I did crush a finger or two getting all those rocks put back into place.  The birds love having a pond and so do the cat and the dogs.  During the winter I keep the pond open by pouring hot water into it every morning.  The meadowlark was singing and singing as I finished up on the pond.  I think he approved.

We call it the pond, although that is a bit grandiose but the effect is lovely.  Maybe next year I'll finally take the time, effort and money to do the two tiered pond of my dreams.  Nothing too fancy just a nice upper and lower basin with a pipe of some sort to have water flowing from the top to the bottom.

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