Friday, May 18, 2012

The DMV and Insurance Compliance

The Department of Motor Vehicles in Nevada has sent me a certified letter telling me I am not insured for the Toyota pickup truck.  Of course, I filled out a form online when I sold it telling them I sold it.  Then, I filled out another form online more recently at their request.  They told me I wasn't insured and asked me why.  I told them because I sold it.

So, now they have sent me  a certified letter telling me I am in big trouble for not having insurance on the vehicle and that they can't verify that I sold it.  I called and spent thirty some minutes on hold waiting to get a live person on the line.  When I did, they told me to ignore the letter since, if I sold the vehicle, I wouldn't be registering the vehicle and you only get hassled if you are registering the vehicle.  He claims that this does not effect the other vehicles I actually do own and for which I am completely insured.

What a pain and how ridiculous.

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