Tuesday, May 15, 2012

More Iris Are Blooming

More iris are blooming.  Forgive me if there is a repeat but I don't think there is:)  These are the latest iris to bloom.

Brilliant purple with a white beard and a purple ruffley border.  So flashy.  One of my favorites.

Pure white.  A little fuzzy in this photo.

A lovey salmon pink.

Pretty close to orange sherbet.

A lovely shade of blue.

Two tones of yellow and some brown speckling.  A very interesting color.

I ce blue and super ruffley.

So deeply velvety purple they appear to be almost black.

Finishing up with another favorite.  This one is about as red as they come.  A bright splash of color in mid-May.

Hope you enjoyed this new post on iris.  Let me know how your spring garden is going.  Of course, if you are in New Zealand you might have to let me know how your fall garden is doing:)

Other assorted spring flowers, tomorrow.

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