Thursday, February 16, 2017

YouTube and horse group

I put up a video that I knew some people would manage to get really critical of me trying to get my horse used to me being above it since I had to coax the horse to come nearer to me.

It's really not a bad effort and I didn't do that badly but a gal wrote me a huge paragraph and then followed it up with another huge paragraph on how I was getting everything wrong.  Which, again, it wasn't a perfect job by any means but it was actually not a bad effort at doing something new.

I was trying to follow something of the video course that is online and associated with the group.  The guy suggests what I am doing.

I decided I just can't take so much criticism today and made it private.  I am pretending I don't know how it happened that no one can see it.  Take that world.

I'm adding a link to the video.  Really, I think we did pretty good.

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