Friday, February 10, 2017

Tanka Time

Tanka time! I finally got to take Tanka out of his home pen, into the round pen to do some work with him. The wind and the rain have been atrocious for days. Hubby is having to drive many miles out of his way to make it home tonight due to road closures and flooding on the Carson River and around Carson City area. Our area is fine.
Couldn't get him to lope on the one side and had the short whip with me :)Twisted an ankle and almost went down trying to run around after him "Lope" "Lope" due to the wet sand. Oh well, the ankle is fine and tomorrow [or actually Sunday ] is another day.
I left him out in the round pen and did some chores. When I came back, I did desensitizing to the whip, the white box on a string, the old white sheet, the rope and the hula hoops.
Did some yield fore, yield hind, back, step up.
Here is the good part. I stood on the rail and had him step towards me even though I was way above him. Had him do that from both sides. This is big. We are one large moment closer to actually getting on him.
I finished up with a walk up to the front through the no- as-scary-as-it-used-to-be driveway. Around through the orchard. Back up the driveway and into the home pen with almost no high headed moments.

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