Friday, February 17, 2017

Tanka Trains

Today it looks like rain but no wind so I am working outside.  I still have a lot of yard clean up to do.  Lots of burning.  Lots of hedge trimming and raking.  So I best work at it some.

Today I worked on haltering Taka using the running into pressure method.  After running him off a few times and letting him run into pressure by putting my hands in the way of his moving his face, it improved immensely.

I then let the halter dangle across his back with release when he looked calm, ears looked nice or if he lowered his head.  Then, put halter towards head on neck.  Put on pressure when he turned his head away.  Let off when he looked straight ahead.

Got the halter under his chin.  Let off the pressure when he touched the halter with his nose.  Did that a few times and touched on top of his nose.

Decided it was all going smoothly and slid the halter over his nose.  Made sure he ran into pressure when he turned away a bit.  Next thing you know, the halter was on and the whole deal went smoothly.

Yes, it did take a bit of time but so worth it.

We calmly walked out to the round pen.  I noticed the tarp had blown into the yard.  I decided we could handle walking over to it, picking it up and dragging it to the round pen together.  Yay, we did good.

Asked for a couple of backs and turn fore.

Left him while I organized pen cleaning and checked on the dogs.

When I came back we worked on desensitizing to a few objects and I got up on the rail to desensitize with the pillow case above him.  He did really good.  Look at it or step forwards, release pressure.

I sat on top of the rail for awhile and Tanka came over to me to see me and let me pet his face from up there.  Truly is progress.  I moved around on top of the rail and jumped off and got back up there.  He did really good with that as well.

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