Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Tanka Time

Tanka time.
I took Tanka out to the round pen and left him there while we did yard clean up and burning today. I'm still trying to have him get used to people being around and movement in the yard or on the street. He's okay with cars just not people or dogs or horses :) on the street.
That went pretty good. It's a long process and it doesn't worry me that he isn't quite there yet.
Later on in the afternoon I went out and brushed him and combed his mane and such. I was going to leave it at that.
I walked him out of the round pen and we headed the long way to his pen. He started acting a little goofy. The wind was blowing a bit and he doesn't like the hedgerow.
I decided to move his feet. I want him paying attention to me not the shrubbery. I twirled the end of the lead rope towards his hind end to get him to yield and all hell broke loose.
I hung on and then dropped the lead rope eventually, not wanting to get my hands hurt. He apparently felt the pressure he ran into with the rope and turned and faced me about 10 feet away. I walked over, picked up the lead rope and walked him some more and we went by that spot back and forth several times.
The good news is he did not come over the top of me.
I decided back into the round pen for a few lessons in I said move your self. I ask for a back and I ask a little harder and then it is arm waving and MOVE.
I ask for a hind yield and then I say MOVE with the twirling rope.
I ask for move fore and then I say MOVE with the twirling rope. He got into my space on the move fore and I said MOVE out of my space NOW.
I know that it is time to firm up and I am determined to make that happen. I'm being fair. I'm asking before I TELL him. He does know what I mean.
I was watching a CJ video and it isn't all hearts and kisses. You gotta know when to firm up.
If they get in your space and crowd you, as he says, abort mission and get the horse out of your space!!!
I think we are doing good but I also think it is time to ask for more basically. I'm asking and then I am telling.
This will help him learn to pay attention to me which is one thing I wanted to work on this week.

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