Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The three horses together

I felt daring so I put all three in together. I hope little Wiseguy is still okay when I get home but so far it is a reasonably peaceful kingdom. Although Pony is pushing at Tanka to nose joust.
Tanka was nibbling on Wiseguy's butt. I hope that doesn't mean that Tanka will want to take a bite out of Wiseguy next.
My trainer pointed out the Tanka doesn't really kick and that Wiseguy would probably be fine. I hope so since Wiseguy is so little.
It's nice seeing them have a real herd to interact in.
It was also nice to see all three horses come up to me to say hi one at a time. When Pony started to poke at Tanka, I pushed Pony off and told him to leave and Pony did leave.

When I got home,  everyone was fine but it was a little tough wrangling one horse out of the pen at a time. Mostly because Pony kept circling everyone like a shark trying to make his move to and prove he's a very bad pony

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