Sunday, February 12, 2017

Tanka Time

Tanka time - I didn't have as much time as I wanted today but I did groom Tanka in the round pen.
I hung up a box where it was above him blowing in the slight breeze. I popped up onto the rail a few times.
I brought out the grooming tools by carrying the bucket out to him from the shed to the round pen over my head and swinging it down and such. Not too wildly when I got closer :) Little things to make sure he is getting more and more used to the world being above him and movement being involved.
I rubbed him with a crinkly plastic bag.
I groomed him with the shedding comb. He is starting to lose his hair. So is the little Yeti, Wiseguy.
Later in the day, I went to put his halter on him and he pulled away. That is the second or third time that has happened. So, becoming a bad habit if I don't nip this in the bud.
Because he didn't want his halter on, I had him go around the round pen in both directions and I demanded a lope in each direction. Since I had to leave, I then walked out of the pen and didn't look back.
I got home with plenty of time to do a bit more work. I had no problem putting the halter on. So move fore, aft, back, step up. Walk out on lead, turn, walk out.
I asked him to walk out of the pen and we did a few obstacles in the obstacle course.
Finished up with a walk down the scary driveway. He totally spooked when going by one of the cars parked there but he did not try to run over me, he spooked in place basically. I told him "Sillly boy, let's go" I call that an improvement.
We went out the open gate to the corner. There were people walking loose dogs way up the street so I decided not to go far. I said "Hey, piggy, piggy, piggy" as suggested by the trainer but I didn't see the pigs. I asked him to back, turn, yield hind. I turned and walked back through the intersection. Then, I asked him to move fore, move hind. Calling it good before the peeps and the dogs could get close, I walked back into our gate and up the driveway and took him to his pen.
Over all, he walked with his head low and although he still looks tense in the outside world, I think it went well.
I'm hoping Hubby can help me go for a walk with Tanka on Tuesday when I will try to make sure he is a bit worn out from working in the round pen before taking him out for a walk.

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