Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Tanka's First 100 Days

Well, I finally put up a couple of videos of Tanka and I working in the round pen. People were very nice so that is good. One thing about videos is Hubby is right there on the rail which Tanka is still having a hard time with people being around him.
I am very proud of Tanka. What you don't see in the videos is that he is comfortable with things around him like towels or sheets on the rail or the box hanging above him at the gate. The fact that he could work at all with Hubby on the rail is amazing.
Tanka can now function with me tossing things around ... not at him but if I toss a few things into the round pen or if I toss a bucket out of the round pen. If I walk around moving my arms he doesn't look like bolting. I can kick the ball around and it is okay.
I can bring a towel in and touch him and put it on his back. I can touch him with the crinkly grocery bag. I'm going to try to blanket him next week when I have Hubby to help me. I can put the saddle or the bareback pad on him.
I can get "taller" by stepping on the rail or a chair and it doesn't freak him out anymore. He was totally amazed, surprised and frightened to see me grow taller. I had to work on him being more comfortable. Hubby and I both sat on the top rail yesterday a couple of times. He didn't look thrilled but I let him work it out for himself and he looked and looked at us and then decided to relax a bit. He did not get a freaked out look.
I can ask him to stand to one side and wait while I bring his food into his pen.
I can pick up all four feet now.
He is not upset by me having the whip in my hand.
He leads much better now and although the outside world is a challenge for him, it is improving. His head is lowered when we walk most of the time and lots less spooking.
His right side was very difficult to work with and has improved.
There are so many little things that are working so good for us. When I look back to where we started from I am quite pleased with my handsome boy and his first 100 days with me.

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