Saturday, January 19, 2013

Yet another burn day...

I called the Burn Line and they said it is a permissible burn day.

6 degrees when I got up today.  I slept late so it was a little after dawn.

We are already up to 24 degrees so maybe we will get above freezing again today.  Although it wasn't much above freezing yesterday at 34 degrees:)

So, I got the last short flower bed on the back berm cleaned out.  And I cleaned out some more of the East End garden.  Lots of dead iris, brown grasses and such.

That is two large burn piles done!!!

I just whack everything down to the ground.  Nothing fancy going on there.

Turns out I had to do poop patrol.  I thought I had cleaned up that East End pretty good in the fall but apparently not.  It isn't a glamorous job but somebody had to do it.

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