Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I decided to water today since the weather had stayed above freezing overnight.  I started with the fruit tree zone since it was almost guaranteed to be completely thawed out.  I had to check all the lines and the drippers since this zone is pretty temperamental and you have to have no leaks for it to be watering correctly.

I get over towards the street and...to my great horror....giant mounds of dirt...yep, gophers.

Hubby to the rescue.  Since the ground here is pure sand, he digs down to the runways and then sets traps.  He always gets his gopher.  Let's hope he gets this one soon.  Personally, I think it is two gophers but he is sure that it is one gopher patrolling a fairly large area.  The area in question is about 100 feet by 75 feet.  We shall see.

Penny the Pembroke Welsh Corgi helped by digging holes nearby.  She sure is cute snuffling in the dirt.  She listens with her big ears and then starts digging again.  She never gets her rodent but she always looks adorable trying.

Overnight low 39

High 50

A bit windy early in the day but nice towards the late afternoon.

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