Sunday, January 27, 2013


For several years I made the effort to go to church on Sundays.  When that church wasn't making sense, I tried several more churches.  In the end, none of them made any more sense than the others.

I could have switched from Christianity to another religion.  There are plenty available but after giving it some thought, I decided to just stay home on Sundays and enjoy my secular life.  I am no less moral but I am a lot happier.

It is snowing just a bit but it isn't sticking.  We are right at freezing but the temp should go up a bit as the day goes on.

I brought a wheel barrow load of wood in early, on my way back in from feeding the goats and the horse.

I haven't felt really well for several days but I can't really say I am sick either.  I think I am fighting off the flu but, who knows?  Maybe it is just the mid winter blahs:)

I have been using the hedge trimmer to cut down spindle bushes [official name Purple Smoke bushes].  They are nothing like Purple Smoke Trees.  These are odd spindly desert plants that have purple blooms on them in the late spring.

I also like to lop of the dead rice grass so that the new growth in the spring can take off.  Grasses appreciate a hair cut and at least with the bunch grasses you can do that once a year during the winter time.  Not like a lawn where you have to get out the mower every week.

Looks like I need to bake bread today.  I'm going to try a little less salt and see if the bread will rise a bit faster.

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