Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Why I Like Living Here

This afternoon the temp was up to above freezing so I went out to get a few chores taken care of.

I stopped by the little horse pen with my bucket of grooming supplies.  I got the little fella out.  He likes getting out of his pen.  I brushed him and cooed at him and combed his mane and tail.  I cleaned his tiny little hooves.

I gave him his senior food pellets and wheeled the wheel barrow in and started raking up the pen.

So peaceful and quiet and pleasant.  That's why I like living here.  Warm breath and honest work and soft sounds on a cold sunny afternoon.

Once I was done cleaning pens and feeding the horse and the goats, I fired up the hedge trimmer.  Another great reason to like living here.  Loud and obnoxious but making quick work of the grasses and brush in the back garden.  Next, raking it all up and having a burn day:)

  I have high hopes for the spring and summer to come.  The plants will be blooming and veggies will be bursting forth and the trees will all be getting taller.  Oh, how we gardeners love to dream the winter months away.

1 comment:

  1. High hopes, indeed. That cold weather you had will be here on Thursday. Going to get in single digits at night.

    Spring can't come soon enough.