Saturday, January 12, 2013

Still Cold

7 degrees this morning.  Pogonip for Hubby's drive to work.  It was so thick he missed his turn off and had to turn around at an intersection further south on the highway.

27 degrees for the high this afternoon.

This is Hubby's sixth day in a row so I bet he is more than ready to gt off work and come home to our nice warm house.

I got out the hedge trimmer again to day.  I can only do about 20 minutes at a time.  That thing is hard on my puny little arms and my back.  Trying to get the yard neatened up for spring.

Cleaned the goat pen and the horse pen.  I got behind on the goat pen during the cold weather so I'll have to do three more wheel barrow loads tomorrow.

Hope everyone is having an okay winter.  The cold weather kind of sucks but at least most of that little bit of snow we got is melting away.  How it is doing that with our ridiculous cold, I don't know.

Wiseguy got his feet trimmed Thursday.  He such a good little horse.

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