Sunday, April 9, 2017

Tanka tries on his new saddle and saddle blanket.

That last photo is my wonderful neighbor and trainer with Tanka.

I got Tanka in the round pen and had him walk, trot, walk, turn, trot, lope, turn just enough to get him wanting some air:)
I brought out the saddle and the blanket and I let him look them over on his own in the round pen.
My trainer came over and we got the saddle on Tanka.
We did that three separate times. Of course, we showed him the blanket and the saddle and put the blanket on and off several times before actually putting the saddle on him.
The first round of having the saddle on, we asked him to step a bit but mostly let him hang out. He showed he was good with it then worried then good. He is a very expressive horse.
The next round of trying on the saddle, I walked him around and then I got him to step up to the mounting block. I jiggled the saddle. I got up on my tip toes. Got up and down the steps a few times. Had him go around the mounting block and stand again. The trainer told me how to help him to get the idea that he is to have his butt near the mounting block instead of turning his butt away from it. He did pretty good at all that.
Last round of trying on the saddle, I saddled him and then the trainer worked with him and he accepted her. Tanka has had a fear of people. He let Hubby and the trainer be out there without looking too worried. This is big for Tanka. She had him flex his neck and head towards the stirrup on each side. I walked Tanka around a bit and we called it good. I finished off by taking off the saddle without the trainer holding the lead.
We took our time and didn't rush Tanka. It was very rewarding to see Tanka accepting the saddle without too much fuss. I loved the way Tanka seemed to say "Yeah, I get it, you are going to put that stuff on me."
I let Tanka sniff the blanket and saddle and nibble on it and he even licked the blanket. So funny and cute. He seemed to think "That's mine."
I'm so excited and it felt great to get out there and work with Tanka today. The trainer said I am just what Tanka needed. Someone willing to take her time and work with him patiently. I am content.

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