Monday, April 17, 2017

Peaceful day with Tanka

Tanka Time

Peaceful day with my handsome horse.

I used the bag on a whip to round pen with him.

I put my coat on his back and sides and up on his neck.

I have an old sheet that I fluffed over the top of him on his back. I even rubbed his face with it.

I let him play with my coat and the new giant bunny and the mounting block.

I used a rope around his middle to keep working with him to accept the pressure of the girth. It is easy to let off the pressure when he makes a change when using the rope.

I had him step and turn and back with the rope around his middle.

I asked him to step up to the mounting block. He was swinging his butt out so I changed the game plan, moved the block to near the fence. He managed to step up perfectly several times. I moved my feet like I might if I was going to get on. I carefully reached over the top of him to pet him on his other side a bit.

It was all going so good, I walked him down the driveway and through the orchard.

I felt a level of trust between us. It was a good day.

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