Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Saddle Pad Today

My handsome Tanka. He got groomed. His front feet got cleaned and I did pretty good with stretching his back feet out. I then put on his saddle pad. He wore it for about an hour and a half while I sat with him, worked with Hubby and such. I got back in the pen with him, got a halter on and asked him to do a few things for me. He seemed to gravitate to the mounting block so we worked on that while he was wearing the saddle pad. Worked on head shy by raising my arms up over this head. He is doing better. Obviously trying to release at the right time! Walked him back to his home pen with the saddle pad on. Asked him to stand still while I took off the saddle pad. He wanted to take a close look at while I rubbed him with my free hand. Went to his off side and rubbed him while he took a close look from his other eye at that thing that was on him  Pony got some love and a bit of grooming. Wiseguy got some grooming and his adorable tiny hooves cleaned. [The photo is not from today.]

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