Sunday, April 9, 2017

My tack room is official

The weather has been awful for days. The wind has been bad and it has been raining here and there.
I am going through horse training withdrawals and decided the best thing to do was clean out the long shed and make a space for everything.
I ordered a saddle cart that is like a dolly for saddles and I will be able to use that when it arrives. In the mean time I have my new saddle sitting on a wicker basket out there.
So, ropes and saddles and bridles and extra halters and horsey desensitizing toys are all in one place now. The training surcingle and the pony harness and the mini harness are all in there. The mini horse cart is in there.
Also, I have a space on a high shelf for alfalfa pellets and sand clear and the spare bag of dog food and other items the dogs will eat until they are sick! Hopefully, the dogs can't reach it. I installed some hooks on the doors to keep the dogs out, as well. There's also a gate to keep them out of that area but I have very talented dogs so they might manage to get in there anyway.
Naturally, this has been a three day job since I had to clean out the wooden shed so I could move stuff from the long shed to the wooden shed. All the stuff in the new all horse stuff area had to get rearranged and moved. That included about 400 rakes and shovels and hoes [okay, maybe not quite that many] that I had to build a rack for on the other side of the shed so I could move them.
I am desperately hopeful that the wind will clear up and training can resume again. I showed Tanka the new saddle and he tried to eat it so at least he likes it.

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