Saturday, April 8, 2017

Spring is here and it is time to get organized

Spring is here and we are getting our big April storm right now.  Fortunately, this year the storm is pretty warm so far with some rain and not snow in our area.

It is frustrating not to be working the horse but what can you do?

I decided to rearrange the long shed so I have one side being a tack room and the other side being for irrigation supplies and yard tools. Of course, that meant disassembling the current tool set up and redoing it on the opposite end of the long shed.

 A bunch of stuff from the long shed is moving into the wooden barn shed next to the house for storage.  Stuff like paint supplies and tile grout and tiles.  Electrical wire.  A paint sprayer.

We are going to use the wooden shed as an extra storage for the garage.

All the extra dog food and horse food/supplements will now be stored in the long shed on a high shelf that the dogs can't reach.  In addition, the long shed is going to get some much needed hook and eye closures to keep the doors from being opened by the dogs.

I have a saddle cart coming in the mail.  My new saddle and blanket can be stored out there once I am done rearranging. I have a ton of horse training toys and they can go in there as well.

 Wiseguy's horse cart  is in there already, along with his harness.

It always feels good to be more organized.  I'm going to work on this some more today even though the weather is horrible.  

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