Thursday, April 20, 2017

Tanka and the saddle pad

I got the saddle pad on Tanka this afternoon.  Left him alone in the round pen wearing it while I got a few things done around here.

One of the neighbors came by and Tanka thought it was okay that we sat next to the pen and talked.  Tanka also sniffed her shoes.

I got in thepen with Tanka and had him walk/trot/lope, turn, walk/trot/lope.

We did great on one side and not on the other.  Turns out the bareback saddle pad had slipped to one side.  Tanka looked very nervous about that.

I went ahead and got a halter one him since he was thinking about turning and bolting.  I pet him and then rubbed towards the saddle pad watching to release the pressure as soon as I saw a change.  I loosened the saddle pad but didn't take it off.  I positioned it back on him correctly and retightened it.  Worked with the hind, fore, back, step, walk, walk out a bit on the lead, turn.

I finished by walking him out of the round pen, having him step over a few logs and such in the obstacle course.  Then, took him to his home pen.  I took off the saddle pad and then rubbed him on both sides.  He wanted to see it on both sides as well so he could sniff it thoroughly.  Fine with me.

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