Saturday, March 11, 2017

Tanka yesterday

This is me taking a picture of Tanka from above him. This is a great accomplishment for Tanka. He is becoming more comfortable with the climbing up on the rail and getting above him.
I hosed down Tanka's sore ankle again this afternoon and I gave him some light exercise. A tiny bit of backing. A little bit of walking. A little gentle turn and walk send out on the lead.
He is definitely putting more weight on that foot today although he acts like it is still a bit sore it looks like and it definitely looks less swollen.

I am certain that Pony Baloney ran Tanka ragged on Tuesday while we were gone.  The neighbor said Tanka was running and running.  Tanks's ankle looks pretty close to fine today but I am not going to over work Tanka.  I put Tanka out in the back pen by himself today so he would move around some and keep using that foot gently.

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