Monday, March 27, 2017

Tanka Time

Tanka Time
I worked with Tanka yesterday and today on accepting people. He took carrots from the neighbor lady and Hubby yesterday. That is a big deal for Tanka.
I also worked him yesterday with the neighbor lady and her new puppy by the rail.
Tanka did not want to lope for me so I got out the bag on a whip and he did some loping in both directions. I made sure to rub him with the bag crumpled in my hand when we were done.
We continue to work on his being head shy.
Hubby did a good job helping me today. Hubby rubbed on Tanka and picked up Tanka's feet. That is a big deal, too.
Hubby also waved his hat around and above Tanka's head. Tanka did move some but we took the hat away when he stopped. Over all Tanka is doing much better with being head shyness.
Hubby also worked really close to Tanka while we walked one on each side of him.
After Hubby left, I asked Tanka to go around while I stood on the mounting block. I got him to circle pretty close to me by starting farther away and getting him closer as he went around. Then, I got him to step, step, step up underneath me and get some petting on his back.
On top of all of that the wind is a bit gusty today. I kept Tanka's attention going to and from his home pen to the round pen.
Yeah, I kept it short. Maybe 30 minutes. I was also pleased to find out that he looked happier to be out there with me today.
A final note, when I got him back to his home pen, he got jumpy and antsy when I went to his right side. I addressed that with some step ups, some walk beside me and some rubbing on that side. Once he settled down, I went to his left side, expected him to keep his face turned towards me slightly and took off his halter.
I rubbed him with the rope and halter a bit and called it good.

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