Saturday, March 25, 2017

I didn't want to do it

I sat on a chair after working with Tanka and got a photo from a more unusual angle. He has a nice butt :)
I am having an off day, I suppose. I thought I should take Tanka and Pony out to the big pen. It's pretty nice out.
Then, I worried about if it would be windy. Which it isn't and I checked the weather and it shouldn't go over 10 MPH. So, I still sit here. Should I or shouldn't I?

I finally told myself I have all these tools in my tool belt.
I can make him move up beside me by throwing the rope behind me.
I have on gloves.
I have the ability to stop him if he runs out from beside me. Tuck that left hand behind me, hold on with both hands and sit back on the rope.
I hold my arm right so he has to hit my arm before he can hit me while leading.
I know how to make him work if he gets a little wonky.
I know how to get his attention by stopping him, backing him, moving his hindquarters {and moving his forequarters if it is safe to do so].
So, I decided to go ahead and get him out. I took my time inside his pen. Haltered him. Asked him to back one step, forward one step. Yield hind, yield fore. Come up beside me. Out the gate we went.
Yes he did show subtle signs he was about to get a little wonky but I cut him off well before he actually spooked. We did a dance of whoa, back, step. Walk in circle. Walk out. Whoa, back, step. Walk in a circle. Walk out.
It was going so well that even though there was a slight breeze, I decided to do a few obstacles. Step over some poles, yield, turn. He did start to drift his attention but I got it back again.
Step over some logs. circle. Through the snake pit, around the logs in a fan shape. Go look at the trash can upside down on a shovel. And into the big pen.
I'm noticing some head shy behavior so that is what I worked on in the big pen. Using the methods of CJ I managed to get all the way from waving my hand near and above his head on both sides to waving a hat [working both sides] and touching him all the way up to his ears with the hat along his neck.
I finished off by taking my coat off in front of him, touching him with the coat after he touched it with his nose. I put the coat on his back. Convinced him to take some steps. Did that on both sides.
I did a few neck bending exercises and I picked up all four feet.
In the end, we had a lovely time together and he is a better horse for it. And I am proud of myself for not making excuses and getting my courage up.
I put Pony in with him so they could "play" for the rest of the day.

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