Friday, March 17, 2017

Beautiful Day

Another big first for Tanka. He was ponied today.
The day is gorgeous, 76 degrees, no wind.
First, I put Tanka out with Pony for about 4 hours in the big pen out back today hoping to wear Tanka down just a bit :) It is spring after all.
Then, I put Wiseguy in the round pen where he could see his friends. Wiseguy loves to roll and he dropped and rolled in the dirt. He rolled all the way over a couple of times.
Wiseguy wanted to show off for Pony and Tanka. He started running and bucking and farting. You wouldn't know he is 16 years old or there about.
There is nothing cuter than a wild bronco mini horse :) Every time he stopped, I thought, "He's done" and then Wiseguy would start all over again! I was laughing so hard.
I put Tanka into the round pen after putting Wiseguy back into his own pen. Tanka started galloping around the pen. So cute.
The trainer came over about 2:30pm and we worked on Tanka getting used to a saddled horse being near him.
Then, I walked around the outside of the pen following Brownie the nice training horse with Tanka following on the inside.
After that, I put a halter and lead on him and we walked around the inside with Brownie on the outside of the pen.
Lots of hanging out and learning to turn when Brownie turned.
Then, The trainer took the lead rope and ponied Tanka from the inside with Brownie on the outside. I walked along with Tanka on the other side to help him build up his courage.
She sat with Brownie and had Tanka step up to her. She petted Tanka on the face. Hung out with him.
She managed to turn Brownie still holding Tanka and repeated on Tanka's off side. Tanka did good. He stepped up and got petted again and hung out. The trainer had to ask him to step up several times to get Tanka right up to her.
We did 4 or 5 rounds of that and then she managed to pet Tanka on the neck.
I took the lead back and then we followed Brownie out and around the obstacles in the back area.
We stopped and Tanka sniffed Brownie's stirrup and the trainer's boot and the strings on the trainer's saddle. He is so cute.
She took back the rope and got Tanka to step up and then led Tanka over to the mounting log.
I took the rope back and stepped up on the log. Tanka did jerk back a little but then stood still. I got Tanka to step up underneath me with a little help from Brownie who squeezed him just enough to make Tanka come underneath me.
Tanka got to rest and get scratches.
I hopped up and down of the log another couple of times and we called it good and I led Tanka back to his home pen.
The trainer said that Tanka is fun. You can really see the progress with him. Also, Tanka really has a personality that is coming to the forefront.
A wonderful day even if I didn't get enough done in the yard :) The yard will still be there on Sunday but beautiful days without wind don't come along everyday in the springtime around here.

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