Saturday, March 11, 2017

Tanka Today

Tanka's ankle, on his far side rear, is still a bit swollen but looks better. I put him out in the big pen by himself so he could walk around at his own pace.
I went out in the late afternoon and just played gently with him. I asked him to come over to me and then ignored him. Eventually he came over. I stood by his middle and I leaned on his back on both sides and gazed out into the desert with him for several minutes each time I did that.
He is a very funny horse. When I draped my arm over him , my hand would go to his other side. He would turn and look at my hand. "Yep, that's her hand."
I asked for a few hind and fore turns. I asked for a send and walk. I asked for some small backs and some back two, forward two.
I worked with him leading from the "wrong" side. He still thinks it is very wrong to lead from his right, my left :)
I rubbed is neck and face and "accidentally" touched his ears.
I asked him to let me look at his teeth.
A very gentle time with him.
On the way back, there was a little afternoon breeze. I asked him to do a whoa, back, turn fore, turn hind. Went halfway down the driveway and asked for the same again. Don't be looking for trouble Mr. Tanka.
We looked at the empty trash barrel. Tanka tipped it over. Then I told him to push it and he did.

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