Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Tragic Day...for the veggie garden:(

The wind howled.  The weather report said 25-33 MPH winds.  What a reporting travesty.  My front trellis broke due to winds.  Those winds had to be twice what was reported.  Trees were going sideways but all the trees seem fine.  It is the veggie garden that has been hit so hard, I don't think it can recover.

The weather reports and the thermometer at our house said the low was 43 degrees but the warm weather plants - the beans, all four kinds;  the summer squash, all three kinds; the 6 or so melon varieties and the butternut squashes and the acorn squashes and the pumpkins.  Also the corn.  All wilted and it looks like they have been hit by a hard frost.

Even the onions look bad but they will continue on.  The tomatoes were protected in the walls-o'-water.

Tonight could be even colder.  This sucks.  This reeks.  Oh the horror.  We are going to try to see if we can order replacement seed really quickly but I fear that much of the garden will be hopeless.  Even if we get stuff in we will not have enough warm days to get a harvest.  Darn it.  This is the worst veggie garden disaster we have ever had.

Gardening in Nevada is he!!

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