Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Happy Feet

Wiseguy, the cutest miniature horse in the world, just had his first hoof trimming while in my care.  The farrier said he had nice feet and they were not as long as I thought they were.  The wind didn't blow and the farrier showed up on time, so it was all good.  He was expensive, though.

It was $45 to have his feet trimmed.  Now, I heard that it is $25-40 around here.  Still, he was good, he showed up on time and I am happy so, since I only own one horse and since this only has to be down every 8 weeks, I think I will keep him.

Wiseguy was a perfect gentleman and stood nicely for the farrier.  He backed up when asked and held still for the nice man.  He sniffed all the pockets on the farrier for carrots including the apron pockets.  Wiseguy is such a cookie monster.

The farrier thinks that it is no problem for Wiseguy's feet that he goes on asphalt, road base gravel and dirt.  He did say to make a mud puddle for him to stand in the day before he comes so that the inner part of his hoof can soften up.  I told him that just wasn't possible in our sand.  So, he suggested that we put lanolin or pine tar on his feet for the three days prior to the pedicure appointment.

Because it is so dry here, I have been moistening the area in front of Wiseguy's  water trough most days by dumping the water into the sand and refilling the trough from the hose.  Maybe even sprinkling the dirt a little extra.  The farrier thinks that is great.  So far, so good with my cute little guy.

I have been taking the little guy for walks and he is a most curious little horse.  Makes me realize that he had a certain environment in the boarding stable and this is a lot of new stuff around here for him to see.  He is a real people person [okay he is a horse but you know what I mean].  Once he meets a neighbor, he looks for them when we are walking.  It is very cute.

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