Saturday, June 2, 2012

Got Fish?

Hubby and father-in-law caught some beautiful trout.

Father-in-law caught these three beauties on the final day before we left and came home.

Bringing the fish in.

The weather was fantastic and a lot of fish were caught but the small ones all went back into the lake.

There was a couple of insect hatchings going on the one evening and the little fish were leaping and gulping and generally causing a stir while the fishing was going on.  Not a fish was caught that evening.

I am having a couple of people over for dinner.  Hubby is going to cook the trout on the grill and I am going to make Rice-a-roni and an almondine sauce for the trout.  No veggies from the garden yet so I am going with canned green beans.

Yeah, I should have run to the store since we are out of everything.  No powdered lemonade mix. no sodas, no fresh veggies is hot and I am working hard around the house and yard, so we are all going to have to enjoy each others company and the food will be pretty good.

I raked up one wheel barrow load of weeds today.  Off to the compost pile.  I cleaned out the horse pen.  There's another wheel barrow trip to the compost pile.  I swept off the breezeway and cleaned out the dog kennel.  We keep straw in it to keep the dog warm in the winter.  There's another  wheel barrow load.  Then, another round of yard raking.  Wheel barrowing again.  At least that is caught up.  I took several loads of stuff to the wooden shed.  There's three more wheel barrow loads.  

I managed to get the laundry washed and hung out.  After a couple of hours I brought it all back in and got it put away.  I cleaned the kitchen counters.  I linseed oiled the maple counter top and the wooden cutting boards.  I swept and sorted and put away a ton of stuff from the breezeway. I washed off the table that sits out there.  A lot of grime builds up in a winter and a spring.  I feel like the area is "caught up" and should be easy to keep up with now that it isn't the mess that it had become.

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