Friday, February 1, 2013


Well, the yard is coming along.  I am still out there with the hedge trimmer trying to get the bunch grasses lopped off in time for the spring green up.

I worked on the drip system but I noticed that I still have a few leaks in the south or fruit tree zone so I'll be back at it again this weekend - if the weather holds out.

24 over night but 50 today.  Nice!!!!!!

Cleaned up the goat pen and the horse pen yesterday.

Hubby and I burned the weeds that have blown in along the outside of the fence.  We got a weed burner.  Boy, do I like that thing.  I might have to try it out on the green weeds as they come up this spring.  I'm getting tired of trying to hoe five acres.

Spring is coming at us like a freight train but I think we are doing pretty good.  Hubby got the grapevines pruned and most of the fruit trees.  He still needs to tackle the apple in front of the living room window.  I want to few the world from underneath the branches not through the branches:)

Our trees are still growing and, although a lot of them have a long way to go, it looks like they will put on some size again this year.  We have several pine trees that are hitting 6' tall.  That is progress.

Hubby trapped not one but two gophers out of the fruit tree area.  Those little devils.  I am wondering if a rabbit is in the yard since I see some sort of damage on my cute little popular tree near the goat pen.  I might have to get some chicken wire out there because that tree is only one years old and can't take much nibbling.

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