Sunday, February 17, 2013

Electronic Cigarettes and I

I've been using electronic cigarettes to quit smoking and it is working.  The are also called e cigs or Personal Vapers [PVs].

This is a fancy tank made from Pyrex and then a frosted blue design of a dragonfly was etched into it.

This one is painted.  So pretty.

These are some rather high tech PVs with the tanks sitting on top.

This is such a safer form of nicotine than cigarettes.  It is fiddley and you have to have batteries and machines and bits and pieces to get your nic.  Much easier to light up a ciggie.  The thing is that smoking is so bad for your circulatory system, not to mention your lungs.

I always liked smoking but this has been an excellent substitute.  You don't have to get fancy like I did.  You can just use the cute little ones that are about cigarette sized.  I might have to take a photo of some of those and put those up on my next post.

Nicotine isn't actually all that bad for you.  It's even good for some medical conditions.  It's the burning tobacco being inhaled that cause 99% of the negative health effects.

Happy vaping to all:)

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