Monday, February 11, 2013

Adventures with Wiseguy

I didn't latch the gate when I went into the pen and the wind blew the gate open. Wiseguy said "Now's my chance." He trotted right on outta there. First stop was the hay shed. The doors are closed but there are tasty crumbs by the door. I walk over with the halter and lead rope so he runs back to the pen.

I calmly walk towards the pen and he runs back out again, kicking up his heels and having a good ole time.

I lock the dogs up and grab a carrot. 

He snorts at the carrot like it is a dangerous weapon and runs.

We do that several times with assorted head tossing and wild eyed looks and a couple of bucks thrown in for good measure. Nothing too wild just feeling good about getting out and running.

The last time he arcs out into the back area, makes a big loop, gallops by the propane tank and up the driveway. He zooms around the hay shed and back to his pen.

As soon as I get close he comes out the gate again but I have him cornered now I dodge to the left swinging the rope. He turns to the right but there is fencing to keep in from running to the back. He swerves and trots to the left. I dodge to the left again with the arm out and the rope swinging. He feints to the right but I dodge to the right while I laugh at his wily ways.

He gets into the pen and I jog over and close the gate. It is a win for the owner in only 15 minutes.

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