Saturday, January 21, 2012

Large Gardens and Miniature Horses

So, what have I been up to lately.  The annual garden catalog perusal has begun along with the long discussions on what kind of melons, corn, beans should we grow this year.  There is only two of us and we grow a garden big enough for a family of eight but at least I traded some of my produce for fresh eggs last year.  I put my first two seed orders in today.  Only three more orders to go.

I have been considering a miniature driving horse.  Of course, that will mean a lot of work for me [and Hubby, too].  No, I'm not talking about watering and feeding.  I am talking about fence building and shed building and buying stuff for the little guy.  They are so cute and we really do have plenty of room here.

There are lots of photos of the little horses pulling people around in carts.  I am trying to learn a whole lot.  I took one driving lesson but I am not certain she is the right teacher for me.  She is a very nice person but... we'll see.  I am managing to get in touch with some people that are in the area and they have minis so I will have more info available as I meet people.

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