Sunday, March 27, 2011

Religion Hurts

We see it all the time.  Religion hurts at least as much as it helps.  I think it hurts the world and human beings far more than it helps them.  I am reminded of this when I see comments from Christians that tell us that we are all born sinners.  Sin is a man made disease.  And priests, ministers, pastors and preachers have the cure.  Come to church.  Read the Bible.  Give of your time, talents and money.  It would seem, however, that accepting Jesus as your savior is no real cure as you have to keep on going to church, reading the Bible and giving of your time, talents and money for the rest of your life!

Original sin is such a sad and horrible concept.  You aren't just born human with your good points and your bad points.  You are born as filthy rags fit only for the dustbin.  Such an overwhelmingly  negative  way to view yourself.  The only cure, accepting Jesus, isn't much of a cure.  You are still garbage.  Its just that when you finally die Jesus has you covered.

This life is the only life we know for a fact that we get.  Allowing ourselves the freedom to explore different beliefs is a gift we need to give to ourselves.  A lot of us are coming to realize that the Bible is just another set of myths and Biblegod isn't any more real than anyone else's god.  In fact, a lot of us are realizing that there probably just isn't any god at all.  And for many of us that is a relief from the guilt of being born sinners and the fear of an imagined hell after death.

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