Thursday, March 24, 2011

Is Christianity a Cult?

This comment by dealdoctor should answer that question.

You are just like the merciless bastards you hate so much!"

Dan, don't take this personally. It is not you we hate because how could we we do not really know you. It is your ideas which have been deeply examined long ago by most of us and found empty, false but very seductive to the vulnerable. Observe the fact that religions, of which Christianity is just one, separate, indoctrinate and control. You know how you would feel about "false cults"? That is the way we feel about all cults. Christianity is just a BIG cult but it is a cult with all the characteristics of any other cult. At random I found this list of the characteristics of a cult by Nori J. Muster who may or may not be a Christian. I do not honestly know. I just too the list to see how Christians measure up as a cult. 

Commentary by Nori J. Muster

If you think you might be involved in a cult, ask yourself some serious questions about the group.

Do you have to change who you are to fit in, please others?

( Discipleship and "Christian Growth to be more pleasing to the Lord and church group opinions)

Do they set up a duality of "us" and "them" and tell you that people outside the group are bad, less important?

( The Saved versus the Unsaved)

Do they treat "outsiders" badly or talk behind their backs?

( Oh " the world system" is going to hell in a hand basket!")

Do they treat members badly?

( Shunning, Speaking the Truth in "love" )

Do they give a false impression to the public?

( We are all about charity but our church budget has 98% spent on our own group activities and building needs) 

Do they predict that society is on the brink of destruction?

( Oh hell yes! Jesus is coming SOON!)

Further symptoms:

Cult leaders are often psychopathic and power hungry. They teach their followers that the outside world is evil; that the cult offers the only salvation. This creates an atmosphere of isolation, leading to hopelessness.

( Be sure you come on Sunday morning, night and Wednesday night and then we have our small groups and the retreat. Put your kids in our Christian school. AND you have to meet our PASTOR!! HE IS INCREDIBLE!)

Cult recruiters target people with low self-esteem, presenting the group as a loving surrogate family. Members are taught to do whatever the family asks. They must repress their individuality and work for the good of the group.

( The Spirit of the Lord is upon me to preach the gospel to the POOR, recovery of sight to the BLIND, release the CAPTIVES and you get the idea go to the underclass vulnerable crowd. And the bad market would be those rich people who are leaders in society. Why it is very hard to dupe those dudes). 

New people may receive red carpet treatment, but once they are established members, they may be exploited and abused. They may alter their personalities to please authority figures and fit into the group. 

( Saved by Grace alone but soon it's your butt better show up and work your ass off or you are backslidden and on your way to hell again. In sales we call it bait and switch. )

Cult leaders preach that society is on the brink of destruction, reinforced by isolating their members and controlling the flow of information within the cult. They manipulate members with guilt and fear.

( Christians manipulated by the use of guilt and fear. Well maybe that is not true like other cults. Wait! That does actually happen when people are called to come to the altar and confess their sins to the Lord and come under CONVICTION of their sins or they will bust hell wide open. Guilt and Fear in cults. Yep its right there in every Evangelical congregation that preaches the Bible. Repent!!!!!)

Cults try to portray themselves as benign and may hide undesirable aspects of their operation from the public and from members. Thus the stereotype of "blind" followers. 

( Those who follow a Shepherd just like sheep do? Well maybe if it is a Good Shepherd . Hey man you have got to come hear our PASTOR!!!!!! ) 

Check, check, check, check...right down the line. Cult...How ironic that Evangelical churches want to deprogram people from cults....It is about like a cocaine addict helping an alcoholic get off booze. 

Cults are everywhere. By the way Hitler's followers also qualify. You got to hear our LEADER!! 

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