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Okay, I suck at the computer so I don't know how to copy your comment here, so to make sure you see it.  Thank you for your comment.  I don't get very many as this is just my personal little blog where I put a few things I write and quotes that I find.

 I guess I have my halo on today with my comment on DC:)  Okay, just kidding.

I am glad that you didn't think I was too bad with my comment[s] on exC but I am guessing that some of the others were very harsh on exC.  I don't remember your comments specifically but if you tell me the name of the story I could go back and read them.  I do remember your name.

First, no one on exC tells anyone else what to do but there are occasions where someone will speak up if they think things have gone too far.  Many of the commenters on exC have been very abused, terrorized and  hurt by Christianity's tenants and teachings and/or religious families.  The site is designed for people to say what they want to about their Christian experiences and to be empowered to speak up about their angry feelings as well as any other good or even bad feelings they have.  They don't have to take the same kind of crap at the website that they have in real life.  Quite a few still have family that treats them like dirt for giving up the religion or they are hiding that fact out of fear or, in quite few cases, love.  They have no where else to feel they have a voice.

The vast majority of Christians who come to exC are not listening with their hearts, okay?   They spew Bible verses.  I own about 15 versions of the Bible.  How many do you have?  I don't have great memory so I have a hard time quoting word for word but darn it - I do know what is in the Bible.  I know that and I quit being a Christian.  Then, they spew how we exChristians just didn't believe in the right form of Christianity.  Even though we have spent hours in the pew and most of us have tried a number of churches before we left Jesus behind.  Quite a few of the Christians try to frighten us with hell or the terrible consequences of being a backslider.  We thought about that before we left the fold.  Hell is a myth from a long time ago that has been blown up into an over the top eternity of torture.  So that we will all be too afraid to question the priests, preachers, ministers, popes and pastors.  We saw that it was just a weapon of control with no substance.  We resent having that used against us as it was while we were still believers.

What happens is that the Christian presents the same tired evidence we have all heard before, generally goes on and on, then leaves in a huff when no one is all that impressed with the info he has.  The comment on DC is about atheists thinking they have kindness all wrapped up compared to Christians.  Show me that is true.

My comments on exC are to protect the lurkers and the fellow commenters who are scared of Biblegod and worried that they will be punished by an invisible being for screwing up.  They won't be.  God hasn't punished me in all these years.  Biblegod doesn't exist.  My life is better for not having to reconcile the Bible teachings with the real world.  I feel protective towards my fellow apostates.

Of course, I have my moments.  I do sometimes resent that people will not take the time to listen or read what has been said on the site and think that their message is so important that they have to barge in and tell us where they think we went wrong.  With thousands of variations of Christianity this ends up being a bit tedious. Sometimes I am tired or upset.  The site is for me to vent a bit, too.

I would urge you to realize that those people are hurting.  The Biblegod concepts are very damaging for many people.  The message is absurdly negative [born a sinner, as filthy rags fit only for the dustbin], saved not by some sane method but by having some poor guy who is the son of god but really is god [WTF?] who then gets the crap beat out of him and is crucified in a gruesome death [he gave his all] but then he didn't really give his all if he is god and is still living after only 3 days of dead [is it really that big a sacrifice to do something for 3 days and still have an imagined eternity left beyond that?].

I am sorry if you have been offended by my fellow commenters at exC but I truly ask you to consider that exC is a refuge for hurting people.

As for commenters at DC, I wish they would realize that there is a lot more emotion involved with their logic than they might realize, I suppose:)  Not that they are wrong because they are generally correct in their reason based thoughts.  It is just that I don't picture a world filled with total rationality to be realistic nor a really good goal.  I love having love in my life.

Enough of my ramblings for now.

By the way, the garden is just getting under way.  The daffodils are looking happy and I really must start planting peas and spinach and lettuce very soon!

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  1. (AGGHH!! Sorry... this is the second time of writing this. I'll try and remember most of what I previously said. I'm completely new to this, and I just tried to post, but somehow lost it all. No matter).


    Thank you so much for your cordial response to my initial post. To be honest, I was a little anxious as to what your reaction would be. Now that I've read it, I can appreciate where you're coming from.

    The original page I left comments on was called 'One Reason I Hate Christians' and I was moved by the writer of that article (Slow Break) so much so I felt compelled to at least give him a little encouragement. If I'd have received the treatment that he did, I'd have kicked them to the proverbial kerb myself!!

    Like I said, you weren't particularly nasty but one or two were, really from the outset. You know what it's like when you post something. Others join in, and pretty quickly I felt myself swamped with comments/ queries/ accusations which I simply couldn't keep up with. I'm not the fastest typist. Anyway, it was irrelevant in any case as I found myself blocked.

    A friend of mine who I shared my experience with wondered at me for being surprised, as that is a normal tactic on a moderated site. I've since seen it happen to non-Christians on Christian forums. (Only those who are abusive should be blocked, but those who are civil should be allowed to give their point of view, even if we don't agree with it).

    Anyway, I'd like to swing by occasionally to read your blog if you're okay with that.

    Sounds as if you're pretty much self sufficient with you growing your own food. I have a sizeable garden myself. We moved to this house sixteen years ago, from a much smaller house that just had a yard. I realised I didn't much like gardening with three months, and miss my yard!!

    Anyway, have a great week. K