Sunday, April 21, 2013


35 degrees overnight.

Mid sixties yesterday and a bit of gusty wind.  Not bad.

Should be in the sixties again today.

Peas are up and dong fine.

We got the 50 gal pond out of the backyard yesterday and into the front "rocky stream bed".  Today I have to put the spirea back in that we had to move.  I think I will remove a goldenrod and toss it.  They aren't my favorite and they are trying to spread around the yard a bit.

I need to landscape the area with the dirt a bit height in the back towards the house and a pipe to direct overflowing pond water away from the house.  I dug a low spot but I think a pipe wouldn't hurt.  It will be covered in rocks.

I will be finishing the landscaping cloth and Hubby is going to haul some large rocks from where the pond was in the back to cover the pond area landscape cloth.

My plan for the pond is to get the milk crate back in there, set up the pump and use some flat rocks to build it up to a nice level for little birds to get a drink from and take baths.

Speaking of birds, I'm expecting our first hummingbirds around May 1st.  We shall see.

Oh, I'm looking into getting Wiseguy a friend.  I found an eligible bachelor through my mini horse website.  Awaiting photos.  He is an appaloosa gelding, 34 or maybe a bit more inches tall and nine years old.  I can get him professionally started in harness before bringing him home.  There is  a great trainer that lives near by to the gal that owns the horse.  The horse is in Utah and would be about an 8 hour drive to go and see.

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