Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Had a scare last night.  Went to 34 degrees but the weather was reporting it could go to 30 degrees.  I am so hoping we don't get one of our horrible cold nights.  I have trees with leaves popping out and fruit trees blooming.  One year it set us back so much when it froze since the trees all had to get new leaves after already getting their new leaves that got froze off:(

Penny is limping and there is no obvious problem.  I think she may have messed up her shoulder jumping off the table in the breezeway.  She would get up there using a chair but then jump off without using the chair and three feet is a long way for a little doggy to jump.

Yesterday was very windy and it snowed but of course it didn't stick.  The hills and the mountains got some real snow though.  Today should be in the fifties and then it will be warming up a bit for the rest of the week.

Little projects need to get done like cutting down the one last clump of grass I missed during winter cleanup. I need to plant some lettuce.  Make sure the fruit tree area gets some water today.

Did I mention that I finally got the strawberries transplanted on Sunday?  We may not get strawberries this year because I should have done that last fall.  I also got my baby onion plants in on Saturday but I found out I also ordered onion sets so those need to go in.  I want to plant some lettuce and carrots and radishes in the main garden as well.

I got an appointment for the vet to come out in two weeks.  Wiseguy needs his shots and deworming.

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