Monday, July 23, 2012


It rained!!!  I am so thrilled.  Okay, it didn't rain much but it did rain.  I am so hoping that the clouds stay and it doesn't get too hot today.  Wouldn't it be nice to have a reprieve from the heat.  Yes, the last several days have been in the high nineties and it is getting old.  

The air smells delicious.  However, the dry lightening yesterday sparked at least one fire in the Pine Nuts and I think I still see it burning.  There seems to be smoke headed our way from the southwest.  Let's hope some of that rain falls down there.  This rain is definitely hit or miss and there isn't much in each cloud burst but there are plenty of clouds out that way.  Crossing my fingers.  No wind so far.  Yeah!!!!

Gotta get busy.  A neighbor is supposed to be coming by to help me with my little horse.  He has done a lot of harness driving in the past and I hope he will be a good resource.  He sounded like a nice guy on the phone.

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