Sunday, July 15, 2012

Looking at a Truck

I'm headed out to look at a 1987 Chevy with a 454 engine and already set up to haul a trailer.  In fact, when we called on the truck, it turned out to be a lady I spoke to about finding a farrier.  She is in the next valley over from here.  It doesn't have an automatic transmission but Hubby keeps insisting he could put one in if I don't like the clutch in this one.  We shall see.

A truck like that would get terrible gas mileage but would allow me to go places with the little horse and haul the cart I need to take with me.

It has had one owner.  It is tan just like almost all of our vehicles end up being.  The eighty year old just got a load of two tons of hay with it last week.  If she can drie it, then I can drive it:)

The high today, only 96 degrees.

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