Saturday, November 26, 2011

Why am I here?

Why am I blogging?  What made me enter the web?  I wanted a place to save some of the interesting information I have gotten.  I wanted to talk about gardening.  I wanted to have a safe and peaceful place on the internet for people to stop by, realize their lives are in their own hands, to encourage those who have been abused and hurt, whether by Christianity or their own sad childhoods or domestic violence.  I have experienced all of those kinds of abuse.

I cannot save the world.  I hope I can encourage people to realize that life is what they make it, more or less.  Don't be hard on yourself.  You and I have always done the best we know how to.  We have survived and, hopefully, found a way to  thrive.  If not, I believe you can.

I realized, lately, how much peace I have found.  Yes, it has taken quite a few years but this peace is mine and I will take it.  I no longer have nightmares.  My nerves have settled down.  I do not fear life.  I have found that I have strength and decency and kindness.  I will not list my lesser qualities.  I am human and I have my bad days.  Yet, it is the goodness that I have clung to.  The beauty of nature.  The love I have received.  The laughter that life, friends and pets have given to me.

The garden is done for the winter.  I have a bit of cleaning up to do.  This is a severe desert, so I will water when the cold lets up long enough to allow for watering.  There is brush to burn.  This is a season of cleaning up the yard and maintaining as best I can.  Weather allowing.

Winter is also a time to recharge.  To sit by a warm fire, put your feet up, read books and take naps.  I used to dislike winter but this year I look forward to slowing down for a couple of months.

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