Thursday, February 3, 2011

 Dale Husband

This link contains a fabulous set of definitions for atheist, agnostic, etc

."Accepting the definition that an atheist is someone who lacks a belief in a divine being, then what is the term denoting someone who positively HAS the belief that no divine being exists?"

I define a non-theist as someone who lacks belief in any god. An atheist takes this one step further and does believe there is no god. Then there is the anti-theist, who not only denies theism, but is hostile towards all theists. And an agnostic is someone who does not claim to have any knowledge about the existence or nature God and thus no reason to either believe or disbelieve in God; he is strictly neutral on the subject.

I point out these definitions of atheist, agnostic, and non-theist, which were generally accepted only a few decades ago, and many atheists today go ballistic and treat me like a heretic. Well, damn those morons! I have no use for them.

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